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Memories are usually all that's left to hold on to when the "footprints in the sand" are gone -- but not always! We have printed books and art and photographs to help us recall events and people. (Think wedding album?) These tactile objects are real and can be shared, and they don't disappear with a click. Of course, you can't bottle that time you laughed till you cried or hold forever a "mistletoe moment." But, oh, the stories those memories recall!

With the holiday season upon us, it's "memory-making time." As Paul Wood declares in his Viewpoint column, it's a time to "become nostalgic and recall good times past." Several sections this issue remind us it's Christmastime, such as Snapshot's "Remembering the season" and My Georgia's "Christmas hats." Best of all, is a story about the "angels among us," those unselfish, often unsung, people who willingly give of themselves. Read more about a few of these folks in "Just good people," page 26.

For 20-plus years as editor, I've overseen the sharing of hundreds of stories and photos on the pages of GEORGIA Magazine. My tenure ends this year (after the January 2015 issue goes to press), but our talented magazine staff will continue the creative effort under the leadership of our longtime associate, Laurel George. She will take the helm and direct this legend that is GEORGIA Magazine!

While I've enjoyed the challenge of producing this monthly publication, what will stay with me are the memories of the people -- my co-workers in the industry and our co-op members -- who have made it a pleasure. This quote conveys my thinking: "Life's greatest wealth lies not in gold, nor the luxury it lends, but rather in the memories of grand old times with friends."

Thanks for the memories!

Ann Orowski


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Rebecca Miller is a guardian angel for more than horses. In September 2014, she founded Stable Moments, at the Show Me Farm North in Ball Ground, where foster and adopted children are matched with rescued horses. Here, they learn to help care for the animals by feeding and watering them as well as brushing their manes. (Photo by Kelly Hopkins.)


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