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Got food? Then be sure to thank a farmer.

This issue is GEORGIA Magazine's love letter to agriculture, our state's No.1 industry. Agriculture contributes more than $71 billion to Georgia's economy, and one in seven residents are employed in agriculture or related fields, so there's little wonder it's the state's main economic driver.

And it's not just GEORGIA Magazine that's a fan of farmers -- Georgia Electric Membership Corp. and our EMC partners are too, sponsoring everything from FFA and 4-H to the Georgia Grown program. The missions of Georgia's EMCs and the agricultural industry have long been aligned in aiming to make the rural areas of our state as vibrant as possible, while improving the lives of Georgia families.

Speaking of Georgia Grown, turn to page 16 to find out more about how their Feed My School for a Week initiative is helping students learn not only where their food comes from, but how it's grown and how it gets from the farm to their plates.

Even more importantly, the relationships this program forges between schools and producers support the state's farmers, while paving the way for Georgia to become a leader in the farm-to-school movement.

If you're still pondering the iconic question "Where's the beef?" look no further than page 22 of this issue. Here you'll learn about the importance of Georgia's beef and dairy industries, as well as the answers to some common misconceptions about bovines in general, and the industry in particular.

And if all this talk of food has made you hungry, be sure to check out Georgia Grown Executive Chef Holly Chute's recipes on page 42 for ideas on how you can put our state's agricultural bounty to use in your own kitchen.


Laurel George

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From left, Elijah Crow, Cason Norwood, Ava Bond and Kathryn Miller show off bunches of locally grown collard greens that will be served in their cafeteria at Commerce Primary School as part of Georgia Grown's Feed My School for a Week initiative. (Photo by Anne Marie Kyzer.)

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